September 26, 2014         

XIFIN XiConnect 2014: Collective Intelligence Summit
Keynote Speaker: “Value of Diagnostics in a Value Based Healthcare System”

June 25, 2014         

BIO International Annual Convention 2014 SuperSession
Featured Speaker: “EY 2014 Biotechnology Industry Report” 

June 9, 2014         

Roche Molecular Center of Excellence Annual Conference
Keynote Speaker: “The Hidden Value of Diagnostics” 

May 19, 2014         

Genentech Oncology Institute National Conference
Featured Speaker: “Diagnostics: The Key to Therapeutic Success”

May 1, 2014         

Genentech Oncology Institute National Conference
Featured Speaker: “The Promise of Early Intervention Through Diagnostics”

April 1, 2014         

Whitehead Research Institute: Whitehead Connects
Featured Speaker: “The Forgotten Art (and Science) of Diagnostics”

March 19, 2014         

World Biomarker Summit
Keynote Speaker: “Biomarkers: The Quiet Champions of Healthcare”

February 19, 2014         

Urban Land Institute
Panelist: “Healthy Impact: Healthcare Impacts in Arizona”

February 13, 2014         

Molecular Tri-Con Conference

Keynote Speaker: “Diagnostics: The Silent Champion of Healthcare”

June 18, 2013         

Genentech Oncology Institute Regional Conference: Trends Shaping the Future of Personalized Care and the Delivery of Specialty Pharmacy
Keynote Speaker: “The Golden Age of Diagnostics”

April 5, 2013         

Xconomy CEO Forum Boston

Speaker: “View from a New Sector: Diagnostics”

January 29, 2013         

2013 Personalized Medicine World Congress
Moderator and Speaker: “Diagnostics: No Longer in the Shadow”

November 15, 2012         

United States Congress: Briefing with Congressman Barber
Moderator: “The Safer Patient: Overview of Cancer Patient Safety Issues”

November 2, 2012         

Personalizing Health Care in a Changing Arizona Marketplace
Panelist: “Cancer Diagnostics in the Evolution of Personalized Medicine”

October 12, 2012         

30th Annual G2 Lab Institute

Keynote Speaker: “The Time Has Come: The Era of Diagnostics Has Finally Arrived”

October 8, 2012         

Arizona State University Transformative Health Care Knowledge Network
Keynote Speaker: “The Time has Come”                

June 18, 2012         

BIO International Annual Convention
Panelist: “A Disruptive Prescription for Consumer Centered Medicine: Creating “The Roadmap for Personalized Health Care”

Panelist: “Commercialization of Personalized Medicine: Stakeholders’ Recipe for Success”

April 20, 2012         

Genentech Women’s Leadership Summit
Speaker: “Ten Lessons from an Unusual Care

March 9, 2012         

Southern Arizona BIOSA Breakfast Club
Speaker: “Personalized Health Care: Opportunity and Challenge”

November 17, 2011           

Personalized Medicine Summit
Panelist: “U.S. Best Practices and Successful Models” 

October 5, 2011         

Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress Capitol Hill Briefing
Speaker: “Personalized Medicine: Accelerating Its Promise to Advance Cancer Care”

September 7, 2011         

BioPharm America 2011
Moderator:  “Lessons Learned in Personalized Medicine in Oncology”

September 1, 2011         

Institute of Industrial Engineers Annual Conference & Expo
Keynote Speaker: “The Unique Contributions of Engineering to Personalized Medicine”

July 11, 2011         

Roundtable Discussion with Senator Kerry and FDA Commissioner Hamburg
Diagnostics Industry Representative and Speaker

July 1, 2011         

Aspen Institute Ideas Festival
Panelist: “The Promise and the Pitfalls of Personalized Medicine: How Far Can It Go?”

June 14, 2011         

Swiss Consulate - Boston: Future Perspectives in Personalized Medicine
Speaker: “The Role of Diagnostics in the Insurance Field’s Future”

June 8, 2011         

2011 CEO Innovators Roundtable
Speaker: “Personalized Medicine – What is it? Why it is important to understand?”

May 20, 2011         

2011 Convergence Life Science CEO Forum
Interviewer: “Ken Kaitin and The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development”

April 13, 2011         

G2 Conference:  Molecular Diagnostics & The Next Generation of Laboratory Medicine
Featured Speaker: “Taking Diagnostics for Granted or Not”

March 22, 2011         

Mass BIO Annual Meeting: Personalized Medicine – Every Patient Tells a Story
Panel Moderator: “Regulation: Is it Time for a New World? The FDA and Beyond”

March 7, 2011         

Cowen and Company 31st Annual Health Care Conference
Presenter: “On-Q-ity Investor Presentation”

February 10, 2011         

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Roundtable 
Co-chair & Panelist: “Partnering to Advance Personalized Medicine in Multiple Myelo

January 18, 2011         

2011 Personalized Medicine World Conference
Speaker: “The Battle for Personalized Medicine: Key Factors for Winning”

January 17, 2011         

Harvard Club of Silicon Valley Event
Panelist: “Personalized Medicine Expert Panel“

January 10, 2011         

The Biotech Showcase
Speaker: “Personalized Medicine, Molecular Diagnostics: Let’s Discuss the Promise of this Emerging Sector – What Will it Mean in Real Life”

December 2, 2010         

2nd Annual vs. Entrepreneur Smackdown
Speaker: “View from an Entrepreneur”

November 19, 2010         

Harvard Medical School Health Policy Lecture Series
Tosteson Lecture: “Health Care Reform”

November 18, 2010         

6th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference: Impacting Health Care
Speaker: “Plavix: Drugs in the Age of Personalized Medicine”

November 4, 2010         

2010 Boston Future Leaders Program: Connecting Business with Government
Panelist: “Industry Leaders”

October 28, 2010         

2010 Annual Meeting: American Society for Clinical Pathology
Panelist: “The New Paradigm: Personalized Medicine and Diagnostic Monitoring Technology”
October 19, 2010         

Wolfe Annual Biopharma Conference
Panelist: “Personalized Medicine Panel”

October 15, 2010         

Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows Retreat
Keynote Speaker: “An Introduction to Personalized Medicine”

October 7, 2010         

Health Care Business Women's Association Executive Women's Group
Speaker: “Personal Reflections of a Biotech Career”

October 3, 2010         

2010 National Summit on Personalized Health Care
Keynote Speaker and Panelist: “The Opportunities Moving Forward”

October 1, 2010         

Personalized Cancer Therapeutics Symposium
Speaker: “Personalized Medicine: Homerun or Strike Out Ahead?”

September 15, 2010         

BioPharma America 2010 Annual Conference
Panelist: “The New Health Care Ecosystem: What is Biotech’s Role?”

September 2, 2010         

MassBIO Personalized Medicine Day
Keynote Speaker: “A Call to Action”

August 25, 2010         

Cambridge Healthtech Institute Next Generation Dx Summit
Speaker: “Microfluidic Chips that Enable the Capture, Enumeration and Characterization of CTCs: Current State of the Art and Clinical Implications”

July 15, 2010         

Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development Working Party on Biotechnology
Speaker: “Personalized Medicine: A Worldwide View”

June 15, 2010         

Drug Industry Association 46th Annual Meeting: Facilitating Innovation
Speaker: “Health Information Technology (HIT) and Personalized Medicine: The Knowledge-driven Health Care Transformation”

June 11, 2010         

Convergence CEO Forum 2010
Panelist: “The Future of Diagnostics Innovation: Where We’re Heading”

June 4, 2010         

Consumer Genetics Conference 2010
Speaker: “The ‘So What Test: Will Cancer Care Change with the Advent of New Diagnostics?”

May 26, 2010         

Partnering to Advance Personalized Medicine in Multiple Myeloma
Co-Chairman and Speaker: “Key Issues Moving Forward”

May 20, 2010         

MEDCO Health Services Drug Trend Annual Symposium
Breakout Keynote Speaker: “The Past, Present, and Future of Cancer Care”

April 15, 2010         

Molecular Diagnostics 2010: Putting Molecular Diagnostics to the Test
Keynote Speaker: “How Your Lab Can Capitalize on Molecular Diagnostics”

March 31, 2010         

The Capital Network Life Sciences Forum
Speaker: “Making Medicine Personal”

March 23, 2010         

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Roundtable on Opportunities and Challenges in Myeloma Drug Development in the Era of Personalized Medicine
Keynote Dinner Speaker: “Personalized Medicine: Lessons from other Cancers”

February 3, 2010         

Personalized Medicine: Thriving in a Rapidly Changing World Webinar
Speaker: “Customizing Care: Advanced Diagnostics and the Future of Personalized Medicine”

January 26, 2010         

World Health Care Congress Leadership Summit on Personalized Health Care
Speaker: “Personalized Medicine: Home Run or Strike Out Ahead?