March 23, 2017          ACLA Annual Conference
Featured Speaker and Moderator: “Elevating Diagnostics and Pathways to Innovation”

January 23, 2017     

Precision Medicine World Conference
Featured Speaker and Moderator: “Personalized Medicine - The Cinderella Story of Venture Investments?”

October 26, 2016         

G2 Intelligence – Lab Institute 2016 
Keynote Speaker: “What Big Data Means for Laboratories: From Algorithms to Reimbursement”

October 12, 2016         

Cavendish Global Health Impact Forum

Co-Featured Speaker: “Diagnostics in Precision Medicine”

April 27, 2016         

Arizona Technology Council

Keynote Speaker: “Women In The Workforce of Southern Arizona”

April 21, 2016         

AzBio Expo
Panel Moderator: “Talent: Developing Our Competitive Advantage”

April 12, 2016         

American Gastroenterological Association 
Keynote Speaker: “Future of Personalized Medicine”

April 12, 2016         

Lab Central “Wizards of Life Sciences” Series
Featured Speaker

September 22, 2016         

White Hat Investor Conference 
Keynote Speaker and Moderator: “Shaping the Future of Healthcare”

March 31, 2016         

American Gastroenterology Association Annual Tech Summit 
Keynote Speaker: “Personalized Medicine and GI: Is Now the Time?”

February 19, 2016         

Molecular Med Tri-Con 2016
Featured Speaker: “Commercializing Companion Diagnostic Breakthroughs”

January 27, 2016         

Personalized Medicine World Conference  
Speaker: “The Role and Need for Diagnostics Algorithms”

November 5, 2015         

HBS Healthcare Association Conference

Panel Speaker: “Leadership Strategies for Healthcare Companies”

October 19, 2015         

Slone & Associates Boston Leadership Meeting
Keynote Speaker: “Diagnostics 5.0: What does it mean for Diagnostic firms”

May 12, 2015         

Domain Limited Partners Annual Meeting
Keynote Speaker: “The Diagnostic 5.0 Revolution: Breaking the Rules to Succeed”

March 12, 2015         

G2 Lab Revolution
Keynote Speaker: “The Diagnostic 5.0 Revolution: Breaking the Rules to Succeed”

February 5, 2015          

Harvard Business School Healthcare Conference
Keynote Speaker: “What to look for in Healthcare today and tomorrow”

February 6, 2015          

Harvard Business School Healthcare Conference
Panel Moderator: “Sequencing the Genome – What has really changed in ten years?”

January 27, 2015         

Personalized Medicine World Congress
MC and Featured Speaker: “Diagnostics 5.0”

January 23, 2015         

The National Academies: Arizona Regional Meeting
Panel Speaker: “Improving Higher Education’s Responsiveness to STEM Workforce Needs”